Mastering the Small Stuff

Posted in Uncategorized by DrMikePosey on August 28, 2007

A couple of podcasts ago, I talked about mastering the soft stuff. A favorite, unknown source quote of mine is:

“The Hard Stuff is easy.  The Soft Stuff is hard.
It’s the Soft Stuff that makes all the Difference!”

This rings so true when trying to muster our own motivational mojo. We can learn the hard stuff…for instance, we can learn to build a bridge.  It’s hard, or difficult but we can learn it.  However, can we learn what is going on inside of someone’s head?  THAT is the real hard stuff.  It’s almost impossible to know what people are thinking and what their intentions are and why they do what they do.  We can learn to perform heart surgery or replace a broken heart valve, but God help us if we can figure out what our spouse or significant other was thinking when they did “that” – whatever “that” may be!

When we finally realize that the soft stuff is what is difficult, we will find our motivational mojo growing and getting better and better.  We will find that the way we interact with people will begin to improve and we will actually discover that others are not being belligerent or mean, rather they are trying to understand us and get to know what makes us who we are.  Once we realize this fact, we can begin to accept that we may never know why that person just did whatever it was that they did and allow ourselves to accept it and just be.  This takes a huge burden off our shoulders…we give ourselves permission to stop trying to figure out this person and just “be” with this person…for what and who they are.  Fights will stop…positive feelings will emerge and we’ll begin to just “be” instead of fighting against everything or getting frustrated because we’re trying to “figure them out.”

In essence, to maximize your motivational mojo, take the time to understand that soft stuff.  And as for the hard stuff…forgetaboutit!


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