What Makes People Tick?

Posted in Motivation,Relationships by DrMikePosey on August 28, 2007

What makes people tick?  This is a question that we often hear. 

However, we often fail to really think about what it means and how it affects our relationships.  Finding out what makes people tick is one of the keys to developing good, healthy relationships whether they are personal or professional.
What makes a person do the things they do?

What are the things they will not do?

What are a person’s passions?

What turns them on both personally and professionally?

What do they most enjoy?

And perhaps the most important thing in finding out what makes people tick is the WHY question!  Take time to find out WHY people do or don’t do what they do.  People will really appreciate this and they will think more of you and the relationship because of it.  This will help you to develop your relationships in a much deeper and more substantive fashion.   To put it bluntly – You’ll get along better with people if you find out what makes them tick!

Check out Episode 5 of the Dr. Mike’s Motivational Mojo Podcast for much more on finding out what makes people tick!  You can find this podcast on iTunes (keyword – motivational) or at:



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