Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Posted in Motivation,Relationships by DrMikePosey on August 28, 2007

On Episode Eleven of the podcast, Dr. Mike discusses how we can best get along with one another. He provides practical tips on how to minimize confrontation and get along with others.

A couple quick tips from Dr. Mike include…

(1) Notice the Similarities in people rather than their differences. This goes a long way to making people feel valuable and feel like they have something in common. When people realize that they have something in common, they are less likely to have conflict and more likely to feel wanted and worthwhile.

(2) Learn About Other People and their Culture. The reason much conflict exists is because we don’t take the time to learn about the other person. We rarely put ourselves in their shoes and therefore cannot see WHY that person is doing what they are doing. By doing this, we will find that less conflict ocurrs.

To find out more about these tips and the other 8 tips in this episode, download our podcast: Dr Mike’s Motivational Mojo today!


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