Here Come De Judge

Posted in Motivation,Relationships by DrMikePosey on August 29, 2007

GavelThe ground-breaking comedian of the 60’s & 70’s – Flip Wilson – had an expression that he used – “Here come de judge!” I think of that expression often when I’m thinking about what happens to people when they get together. Judgment is something that we seem to be predisposed to in our society. In fact, we’ve developed a society (in the U.S. particularly) that judges everything and everyone almost immediately upon encountering it or them. The term judgment has many definitions, however, the most basic way to look at the term is that Judgment simply means that we arrive at or form an opinion about.

Think about it. You arrive at opinions all day long right? With everyone you meet and everything you encounter you tend to form judgments based on your interactions and your feelings, and your ideas with and about.

In terms of motivation, judgment plays a significant role. It’s our PRE-judgment that in many ways, hinders us in our relationships with people. We pre-judge folks before we know them. We make assumptions about them…form opinions about them right when we meet them or from something they said or wrote, or whatever. It is this pre-judgement that brings up the walls within people and keeps us from really getting to know them or really getting to understand them. In essence, pre-judgment hurts our relationships more than we realize.

If we are to truly motivate ourselves and others…if we are to truly be open, then we must not pre-judge. We must get to know someone…know about them…what makes them tick…what makes them who they are…why they do things…then and only then can we judge and determine if they are someone with whom we want to develop a relationship with professional or otherwise.

Episode # 12 of Dr. Mike’s Motivational Mojo Podcast discusses ways to keep pre-judgment from ruining your motivational and relationship mojo potential!


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