What it’s all about…

Posted in Dr Mikes Personal Observations by DrMikePosey on September 5, 2007

If you are reading this from the U.S., then I hope your Labor Day holiday was a good one. Mine was absolutely fabulous…lots of time with the family then I was in a parade on Monday. I have a 1968 Mustang Show Car and I got to drive it in the parade. It was fun. What was even cooler was the number of people who came out in early morning to see the parade and how happy everyone was. I live in a small town and although it’s only 20 miles from a major metro area of around 2.5 million, the town I live in is a wonderful slice of Mid-Western Americana.

The streets were lined with parents and kids sitting in their lawn chairs clapping, waving, and cheering. As I drove down the parade route at a snails pace and saw everyone, I was reminded, indeed, that was what it was all about. Kids sitting on their parent’s laps, parents walking with strollers while their babies blissfully slept, senior citizens taking pictures of their grandchildren who were in the parade…it was what life in America is about…

When we get blue…when we feel down…when we think that this country is going “down the tubes” (has anyone ever seen these tubes by the way?) then we should think of scenes like the one I witnessed on Labor Day 2007. America is not going down the tubes…we are not hopeless…scenes like the one I witnessed is testament to this. We are a wonderful group of eclectic people who, at base, like everyone else in the world, just want to live with those we care about and be as happy as we can be. Nothing more…nothing less.

That’s all we want in life right…just to be happy. My challenge to you is to find your motivational mojo…to find those passions in your life and to just be happy!

Dr. Mike


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