Things are not always what they seem!

Posted in Dr Mikes Personal Observations by DrMikePosey on October 24, 2007

Girl in Window Optical Illusion I recently opened the daily pile of bills and such that come into my mailbox and as I was looking over my mortgage payment coupon for the month, there was an advertisement within it touting the benefits of Mortgage Protection Life Insurance. “What if something happened to you?” the message asked.

“Would your house be paid off or would your loved ones be left with the bill? This could mean they’d have to leave the home you have built for them.”

A pretty grim message I have to say but one that I thought about…so I looked at the information about the insurance…it all seemed good. It said it would pay off the farm if…well…if in fact literally ‘bought the farm.’ “Hmmm…” I pondered. “Maybe I should take this insurance out…maybe it is a good idea,” I thought to myself. So I read on and there was this funny sheet of fine print…you know the kind…the little teenie tiny paragraph that is always in a different font and sometimes even hard-to-read ink.

As I read the fine print (listen to podcast for the complete reading of the fine print – it’s a hoot!) I realized that the only way this policy would pay off my house was if I died of old age. Yes that’s right…every possible exclusion was written into this policy including dying of “an illness diagnosed previously or in the future” and “being involved in any form of accident. That pretty much leaves old age as the only possible way it would pay off!

This got me to thinking that things are not always what they seem in life. If it is too good to be true, then it probably is right? We’ve heard that for generations! So how do we deal with this axiom of life without becoming a jaded skeptic not believing anything we hear or see? Here are a few things that can help:

  • Scope Everything Out!
  • Trust but Verify.
  • Don’t be afraid to go with your heart but don’t leave your brain behind!
  • Listen to the Vibe…
  • Remember that “No” is NOT a bad word!

For more ideas about this topic check out my podcast on iTunes or click the podcast link on the right side of this page to listen now!

Bike Riders - Optical Illusion


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