Happy New Year – What does that resolve?

Posted in Motivation by DrMikePosey on January 4, 2008
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It’s 2008 and it’s time to get that motivational mojo pumping and doing some good!  With the new year comes the inevitable resolutions that we all make.

“I won’t eat chocolate this year.”

“I promise not to spend 23.5 hours a day on the computer and .5 hours a day on the can.”

“I will organize the garage this year”

or the famous…

“I’m going to exercise and go on a diet this year”

This is what we say to ourselves and our loved ones.  The fact is that new year’s resolutions aren’t usually worth the breath they were said in.  We say them almost out of obligation and tradition.  The resolutions are good and usually well-intended; however, they quickly become broken and forgotten.

With this said, I am not going to ask you to resolve that you motivate yourself and others more this year.  I’m not going to ask you that you be happy this year.   I’m not going to ask you that you keep a positive attitude this year.

I’m simply going to ask you to be YOU.  Be true to yourself.  If you like chocolate…eat it.  If you don’t want to work out – don’t.  If you want a messy garage then enjoy the mess.  Just be you darn it!

This is the simple truth to maximizing our motivational mojo…being ourselves…not what someone else wants us to be…not what we think we should be…not what we’re obligated to be out of some tradition…but who we REALLY are.  Be YOURSELF!  Life is filled with times when we have to bend ourselves out of who we really are…for our kids…for our friends…for our employers…this is the cause of much misaligned motivational mojo in our lives.  It causes great deals of stress when we are out of our comfort zone…when we are out of our realm…our league…or our zone.  Our mojos are out of whack and we feel it.  Our whole being – physical and emotional – feel it and it sucks!

This is why most new years resolutions don’t work.  We make them over things that are out of our zone or are totally out of whack with who we truly are.  This is a recipe for making sure our resolutions quickly fall short.  When we make these resolutions that are misaligned with who we truly are we then feel badly when they don’t happen or when we fail to do what we resolved to do. When I say this I do not mean to say that we can’t reach for the stars…we should!  BUT, it’s important to realize that we all have levels…kind of like steps…that we need to achieve in order for our mojos to be balanced and able to move on to the next.

So…if you really want to make that new year’s resolution… go ahead and do it…but make one that fits YOU…that really addresses who YOU are…not what some yearly tradition dictates.

Happy New Year!!!!


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