A New Hope…

Posted in Motivation by DrMikePosey on January 21, 2009

The past 200 years in this country have been filled with a deep, rich history.  January 20th, 2009 will go down in the history books as one of those defining moments in time.  One of those defining moments in humanity.  I ask you for a moment to suspend your political views and instead think as a human being.  Think for a moment as being one of a HUMAN party and not a political party.

President Obama…  what is the meaning…why are people acting this way?  As I watched the events unfold on Jan 20th, I was struck by the awesome humanity of the whole event.  The awesome scope of what this man’s election means to humanity.  I know the news media had for months leading up to this day been sappy and plum crazy over Obama…that was obvious…I know that a large portion of U.S. citizens (by some counts almost 80%) were wishing him well and had hope that he would be good for our nation.  I know that a large portion of the world were hoping that he would help America to be more compassionate and not be such a bully.  All of these things were obvious as you watched the reporters and read the news.

I am sure I am not alone in all of this when I kept asking myself “why?”  Why is everyone reacting to Obama this way?  He’s one man.  He’s one human being.  Like my grandma used to say “He puts his pants on like anyone else” or her more flowery way of speaking… “He takes a $#!% like everyone else don’t he?”  Sans his power and status and all that stuff… he’s no more a man or a human than anyone else.  So why is half the world it seems so wild and crazy over this man?

Think about it.  DOH!  It’s simple.  While President Obama is, by my estimation a very kind, thoughtful man with a loving family who has worked his butt off to get where he is…who has stories just like every one of us…he is a symbolHe represents. I’m obviously not the only person to think this as the media is saturated with articles talking about the symbolism of this Presidency but I thought I’d just “brain dump” on what I think that symbol is and how it relates to keeping one’s mojo motivated and happy.

President Obama represents the hope that humanity needs to survive.  Not that he himself is “the hope.”  I think he’d be the first to admit that he is but one man…but the fact that a people…a group of humanity has come together to rally behind a man who by traditional standards, should not have been elected, represents the goodness of humans.  It represents the one thing that is inherent in all of humanity…the ability to hope, to dream, and to change one’s mind. Much has been written about the fact that a nation started in slavery has elected an African-American president.  I won’t belabor that point, but what I will ask of you…regardless of your views…is this question:

Doesn’t the election make you realize that ANYthing is possible in this world?  Regardless of your views you have to…I would think, if you are truly human and truly are honest in your heart, realize that this one event is an example that you (or in this case the collective “we”) can change and do anything?

So why do I write this on a motivational blog?  Well it’s simple.  In order to keep your mojo happy and healthy, you need to have hope. You need to have – somewhere deep down inside you – the hope that things will change.  That things will get better (if they are bad) or that things will get even better (if they are good).  This hope is inherent in all of us…it’s just that we have to bring it out and to muster it in times of sadness and depression.  The adage that my mama always told me and that I live by to this very day is that “it’s never THAT bad.  Things will always get better.”  It’s true…even in the depths of despair, we know that humanity can change…we’ve seen it throughout history and we just witnessed it on Jan 20th too!  Seriously…if humanity can change in big ways like that…don’t you think that you can change on a much smaller scale?  In much smaller ways?  Sure you can.  Take stock of those things you want to change…have a “sit down” with yourself and find those things about you that you don’t like or that you think need changing and then plan your life and actions accordingly. Go for it and change those things that you can…that you want…and those things that can’t immediately change…accept them as they are in the moment and move toward changing them in due time.

The key is HOPE.  Hope is what gives all of humanity its ability to change.  Hope is that thing, inherent in all humans that has progressed us beyond the unimaginable to the unbeliveable!  Keep hope within you…keep hope within others…embrace hope…use hope…and make hope work for you.  You will be happier with hope…your actions will be more pronounced with hope…and your relationships will be stronger with hope.