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Posted in Motivation,Quote of the Day by DrMikePosey on November 6, 2009

Lately people have been asking me if I have my quotes written down anywhere.  Well I usually post them on Twitter when I think of them but I’ve decided to post them on a new page here on the site – “Dr. Mike’s Quick Mojo”  Find it in the “Pages” column to the right of the screen.  Enjoy!


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  1. Chris said,

    Dear Mike,

    I did a Twitter search of “terminal illness” and hit the quote you had said that included the phrase.

    About eight years ago, I started a magazine group that now has one of the largest circulations in Southern California called The Reader (www.readermagazine.net).

    I lost my own mom to cancer in 2002, one of the most powerful and poignant events of my life, which taught me “there’s a lot of life in death”.

    I am directing a film called “The Last Interview”, the theme of which is the value of life. It is an exploration of the value of life through hearing the words and seeing the faces of people for whom the interview may be their last.

    For people who may be leaving this earth it gives them the opportunity to share what’s on their mind. For those who stay behind, it gives what my father, brothers I received when we spent the last weeks of my mom’s life, together– a greater sense of what life is.

    Right now, I am looking to interview kids and adults who know they are going to pass away and would like the opportunity to be interviewed for this film. Given my own experience with the death of a sacred member of our family, I understand the sacred responsibility I have in every aspect of how the interview is conducted and presented.

    Ultimately, I believe you may be giving a great deal by helping me do this. If you know of families for whom this would be a “gift”, please feel free to pass this information on to them and provide them with my contact information. Thank you!

    Chris Theodore


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