On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2012 …

Posted in Motivation,Quote of the Day by DrMikePosey on January 16, 2012
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The fight for freedom comes in many forms. It comes from our brave soliders who serve our country here and abroad, from an author who publishes their book regardless of what people say, from the woman that will not sit at the back of the bus, from the kid that gets beat up because of his orientation, from a woman who gets persecuted because of the way she believe…from that kid in the back of the classroom who is different…from a preacher who has a dream. That’s the great thing about this country…we have the freedom to say, worship, and be equally human. Many, many people of all creeds, careers, colors, and persuasions have died to keep that freedom alive. Don’t ever forget it and don’t ever stop fighting for it.


– Michael W. Posey, 2012