What Motivates Me

Posted in Motivation by DrMikePosey on April 3, 2010
Why I do what I do…What motivates me?

This is a picture of me (in pajamas) in the hospital from 1975-1976. I was sick…on a terminally ill floor in Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio for about a year. Being poked and prodded every day and watching all of my friends on the floor die day after day. One day I’d be playing with them…next day their room would be empty. Everyone on that floor died except for me and Chuckie here. When people wonder why I take chances in life and live life totally to the fullest it’s because I cherish each day I am alive. I saw death. I lived with it. Don’t tell me to settle. I’m not going to rest on my laurels or “settle for less” in life…I’m going to live and enjoy it come what may. Not much in this world is THAT important when you’ve been so close to death. Living, Loving, and being happy in ways that may seem out of the ordinary or unconventional to others is all just truly enjoying this life for what it is in all of its quirky ways. Live and let live is my motto. We all have worth and we all have passions that drive us. Follow your passions and realize what makes you truly happy. Go for it and don’t wait for tomorrow because one never knows if tomorrow will be there! This picture reminds me of how truly blessed and lucky I am.
P.S. Chuckie was mugged and killed when he was 18.