About Dr. Mike Posey

Dr. Mike Posey holds a BA & MA from Bowling Green State University and Ph.D. from the University of Toledo. He has generally roamed the earth doing a whole bunch of activities and getting involved with a very diverse set of experiences, businesses, and opportunities. All the while he’s been in high demand as a speaker and author on the topics of motivation, communication, customer relations, relationship building, and popular culture. Dr. Mike has been a small business owner, a C.E.O. & President of a Corporation, a Vice President for a large health care corporation, a DJ, a web developer, a concert promoter, a retail sales associate, a theatrical director, an actor,  a residence hall director, a director of student activities at a small college, a director of a community center, and a father. Some say he couldn’t hold a job – others say he’s eclectic…yea…that’s it…eclectic!

For the past 12 years Dr. Mike has been a Professor at Franklin University in Columbus, OH teaching communication, public relations, and popular culture.  He teaches and writes on topics such as motivation, communication, relationship building & management, and cyber-culture,  and (variety is the spice of life!). Dr. Mike is a member of what he calls the “Straddle Bunch.” Before you start going off on tangents that we don’t even want to hear about — the “straddle bunch” are that group of kids whose formative years were from 1965-1980. Mike experienced both the wholesome tail left over from the 50’s as well as the best of the 60’s and of course the funky 70’s. the 80’s…well …big hair, mid-eighties cheese, and Reganism were all very… interesting… enough said! The pop-culture of his youth left an impression on him that would forever shape his view of the world and of how we are motivated in today’s world. Mike feels that people are best motivated by their passions and by kindness. Motivation by fear is not his bag… Mean people suck – period.  Whether as a corporate C.E.O. or as a father, Dr. Mike feels that there are basic principles that should guide us to be the best we can be in any endeavor!

When he is not busy in the virtual world, speaking or with his teaching and scholarly work…Mike enjoys the following (not necessarily in order): His Family, hugs, cheek kisses from his little one, working on his classic cars, not doing laundry, outdoors, travel, movies, music, 74 degree days with no humidity, the sound of little kids playing outside on a summer day, porch sitting, people watching, Pez, laughing, target shooting, not being hit by projectiles, animals, and not being called Skippy. Mike loves being a father and hopes to instill his sense of wonderment and love of learning in his children so that they may get the most out of life and embrace their free spirits!

**Full Professional Vita and Resume’ Available Upon Request**


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  1. Paul Imhoff said,


    Very interesting website, I think I’ll spend more time here in the future. Thank You for your presentation on Time Management this morning. It has reinforced what I have read and learned over the years as well as given me some new ideas, I think I;m on the right track.

    Paul Imhoff

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