Dr. Mike’s Quick Mojo – Quotes

Every once in a while I get the inspiration for a quick and simple saying that will help guide me through the day or through a situation.   Sometimes I find myself observing people or things and I start to think of a quick quote that summarizes my feelings on the situation.  I usually post them on twitter at the moment I think of them but from now on, I will also add those sayings here when the mood strikes.  Enjoy!

Reflect upon those you love.  Realize how important they are to you.  Endeavor every day to show them in some way.

Michael W. Posey, 2010

Talk constantly and you become white noise.  Choose your words wisely though and people will listen.

Michael W. Posey, 2010

All we want in life is not to suck.

Michael W.  Posey, 2010

Thoughtful change helps build…change just to change oftentimes stifles the very synergy that built it in the first place.

Michael W. Posey, 2010

Learn from yesterday, but say goodbye – welcome today and embrace it.

Michael W. Posey, 2010

Worrying about things out of our control will only cause those things within our control to get out of control.

Michael W. Posey, 2010

I woke up and saw my shadow today.  It can only mean one thing…six more weeks of bad meetings.

Michael W. Posey, Feb 2, 2010  (Groundhog Day)

Remember – If you derive your sense of worth from within you will live a much happier life!

Michael W. Posey, 2009

Meetings meetings everywhere…the PowerPoint slides do stink…meetings meetings everywhere and not a mind does think.

Michael W. Posey, 2009  (with a nod to the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner)

Credentials are important.  They gain you entry and respect.  What matters though is who you truly are and what you can actually do once you are in.

Michael W. Posey, 2009

Life is funny.  One minute you are on one road and the next a squirrel runs out in front of you – you swerve and find yourself on a new road.  Thanks Squirrel!

Michael W. Posey, 2009

When people stay the same and don’t change they become less and less noticeable and important. Mix things up in life every so often and you’ll always be noticed!

Michael W. Posey, 2009

Life is about just “being.”   Never be afraid to just “be.”   When we can let ourselves go and just “be” then we can see the true beauty in others.

Michael W. Posey, 2009

When you take two steps forward and one step back remember that you’ve still taken one step forward!

Michael W. Posey, 2009

Sometimes the things we thought were great yesterday aren’t so great today…time has a way of changing perspective.

Michael W. Posey, 2009

When things are going well…enjoy them…but don’t rest on your laurels.  Always embrace and seize your own external AND internal momentum!

Michael W. Posey, 2009

Our lives are like a mosaic. Each experience and person (good & bad) is a tile.  How we form our mosaic from each of those tiles is up to us!

Michael W. Posey, 2009

When it’s dark and dreary outside…close your eyes and remember the happiest place you’ve ever been…that memory will brighten your day!

Michael W. Posey, 2009


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